10 Meals per Week - Subscription (SmartVegi)

£50.00 / week

10 Meals per Week - Subscription (SmartVegi)

£50.00 / week

SmartVegi – 10 Meals per Week (Monday – Friday)

Each week we will send you a fixed menu selected from the following meals:


The MyNutrition SmartVegi package has been carefully designed in order to support the growth of lean muscle tissue for Vegetarians.

We have a great selection of 8 dishes available all including great protein sources such as nuts, tofu, vegi sausages, beans plus more!
my-nutrition-faviconTomato and Basil Vegetarian Sausages with Wholegrain

my-nutrition-faviconVegetable Pasta and Sugar Snap Peas

my-nutrition-faviconTofu Chilli with Cajun Dusted Sweet Potato Wedges and Fresh Spinach

my-nutrition-faviconThai Green Vegetarian Sausages with Wholewheat Egg Noodle,

my-nutrition-faviconSugar Snap Peas and Fresh Kale

my-nutrition-faviconTofu Curry with Cilantro Lime Rice, Fresh Spinach and Mango Chutney Dip

my-nutrition-faviconVegetarian Sausages with Spicy Sriracha Rice and Mixed Peppers

my-nutrition-faviconCreamy Cauliflower and Mushroom Stroganoff

my-nutrition-faviconTofu Chilli with Carrot and Butternut Squash Mash and Fresh Spinach

my-nutrition-faviconQuorn Fajitas with Sour Cream and Spicy Salsa Dips

my-nutrition-faviconThai Green Tofu Curry with Saffron Rice

my-nutrition-faviconQuorn Mince Chilli with Carrot and Butternut Squash Mash and Fresh Spinach

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